Talkback: What Is the Greatest Penis Moment in Movie History?

shame_rev_featurebar.jpgSince our friends at Next Movie totally went there, why not bat this one around Movieline HQ? It's Friday! Live a little. In honor of Michael Fassbender's infamous display of total nakedness in this week's Shame -- emotional and physical, to be fair -- Next Movie ran down the nine greatest "penis moments" in the movies. Yes, Ewan McGregor. You made the list.

Also receiving honors were The Crying Game (of course) and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, although I'd argue Dirk Diggler's Dirk Diggler deserves higher placement in the rankings. And though this is quite thorough work, I have just one word: Antichrist. (That said, the "greatness" of its penis moments is debatable. Awesome high five sexytime great? Not so much.)

But again, it's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on some cinematic schlong talk. I open the flood gates to you, Movieliners! Discuss: Are there any glaring omissions to the list? What's with Ewan McGregor's exhibitionist streak? If you were on the fence before despite the glowing reviews and critical acclaim for Fassbender's performance, is all this talk of a Fassboner enough to get you to see Shame this weekend?

[Next Movie]


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