9/11 vs. the Movies

exteremly_loud300.jpgMaybe it's more like Extremely Loud and Incredibly Too Soon: "There is also the question of whether or not certain aspects of Sept. 11 -- such as the people who leapt out the tower windows -- should even be dealt with in a fiction film. 'Should you show the jumpers or not?' wonders Angus Kress Gillespie, who teaches a course on the history of Sept. 11 at Rutgers University. 'It's very controversial. It's terrifying, it's horrible, but it needs to be shown. This is not an abstraction that it was a horrible event; it was a horrible event.'" [LAT]


  • AS says:

    New Rule: The next 9/11 movie must be directed by David Lynch. Because who doesn't want to see giant rabbits jumping out of the World Trade Center?