The Lucky One Poster: Zac Efron Pouts for Love

The next Nicholas Sparks joint, The Lucky One, comes out April 20, but Zac Efron gives us everything we need to survive the five-month wait -- namely, a killer pout. He stars in The Lucky One as an Iraq War vet who comes home to locate the unknown woman who served as his "good luck charm during the war." In the film's poster, he appears to have found her: Taylor Schilling, of the unfairly canceled NBC drama Mercy, stands in frame. Pretty damn Notebook-y all around.


Awwwww, yeah. Give me more of that ultra-preened scruff, Efron. I bet he'd look good in Chris Daughtry's parabolic sideburns too. Or better yet: no facial hair at all. Does this need to be explained? When you're Mattel hot, embrace Mattel hot. Amen. But good for Schilling! She was likable and very funny on Mercy. I'm sensing some Bad Movie We Love potential in The Lucky One, and I don't want to be let down. Or actually impressed. That would be the worst.

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