Shame Redband Trailer: Inside Fassbender's Fassboner

To call the newly unveiled, NSFW redband trailer for Shame hot is an understatement, since it quickens the pulse in a delicious way that leads to much more than just sheer titillation. Watch as poor sex-addicted Michael Fassbender is wracked with torment as he rides the NYC subway, silently eye-fucking a gorgeous stranger on the train. However often they say men think about sex in a given day, this guy does multiplied by a thousand... and it's wearing on his weary, helpless soul.

Consider that nary a word is spoken during this entire trailer and director Steve McQueen's penetrating gaze is all the more impressive (paired, of course, with Fassbender's magnificently sad, dreamy eyes). If Shame wasn't on your must-see list, it'd better be now. (Is it hot and tortured in here now, or is it just me?)

Meanwhile, see where Fassbender's carnal exploits take him in Movieline's interactive map of Shame's NYC.

Shame, rated NC-17, hits theaters in limited release on December 2.

[Fox Searchlight via Awards Daily]