New John Carter Poster: Red Dawn

The new poster for the long-delayed Disney caper John Carter, based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' old series, is awesome in three ways: 1) It is quite red. 2) It is quite bold. 3) It looks like a Super Nintendo/Playstation video game cover. Maybe an RPG featuring shirtless warriors and choppy computer-animated sequences? And the vocals talents of Dana Gould? Or maybe it just resembles the video for Pearl Jam's "Jeremy." Whatever, all of these. Click ahead.


You'll note that this poster is less scary than the freaky screenshot we posted on Friday. Disney wants to be more inviting in some of its promotional materials, I guess. Shirtless Taylor's silhouette is one way to achieve this. Hopefully Mr. Burroughs slips in some loincloth scenes when the going gets tough. We have an opening for a new Johnny Weissmuller, and Kitsch fits the sole criterion: junk that looks decent in jungle costuming. Weeee!

John Carter comes out next March.

'John Carter' Gallery [Apple]


  • j'accuse! says:

    They should sell this John Carter film w/ a triptych of Taylor shirtless, smoking, a three boobed alien lady, shirtless, smoking, and that monster ape shirtless...smoking. Being shirtless and smoking are both cool, and kids love cool things.

  • casting couch says:

    But how many kids does he have to feed?

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