In Honor of ScarJo's Dean Martin Duet, 5 of the Most Random Celebrity Holiday Tracks

It's the week after Thanksgiving which means that it's time to start firing up some holiday playlists. Here to help is Scarlett Johansson, whose virtual duet with Dean Martin hit the Internet today. Is their posthumous rendering of "I'll Be Home For Christmas" creepy? A little. A necessary addition to the holiday track canon? Not at all. But random? Completely! In honor of this Christmas-time cut, let's review five of the other most random celebrity holiday recordings to confound the masses.

1. David Hasselhoff, "Silent Night" (In German!)

Granted, David Hasselhoff lip sync-ing to "Stille Nacht" on a winter wonderland soundstage (complete with dry ice snow effect) may seem semi-relevant in Germany -- the nation that made the Baywatch actor a pop star in the late '80s -- but in the U.S., this clip is just deliciously irrelevant and completely random. Dig in!

2. Heidi Klum, "Wonderland"

German beauty Heidi Klum is already a successful model, television host, businesswoman, fashion designer and television producer. So why would she dare try her hand at singing? Because she can and because someone -- again in Germany -- hired her to do so. Here lies the multihyphenate's 2006 debut single "Wonderland," which was penned for a series of German ads.

3. Kathie Lee Gifford, "'Twas The Night Before Christmas" (Hip Hop Version)

Startling news: Back in 1995, shortly before her sweatshop scandal, Kathie Lee Gifford recorded a Christmas album Rock N Tots Cafe: A Christmas "Giff" Song Album by Kathie Lee Gifford. Even more frightening than the title was her attempt at hip hop with the track "'Twas the Night Before Christmas." Below, find the damning music video evidence in which Kathie Lee wears a waitress uniform and bops around a Pee-wee Herman-style set. You've been warned.

4. Ozzy Osbourne and Jessica Simpson, "Winter Wonderland"

You may not want to put your eyes back into their sockets for the next selection on Movieline's ode to random holiday tracks. For 2003's long-forgotten Osbourne Family Christmas Special, mismatched former MTV stars Ozzy Osbourne and Jessica Simpson recorded a duet in which Simpson tried to sexily shimmy up to Osbourne while he shrieked into the microphone like an off-key scarecrow.

5. Bea Arthur and Assorted Aliens, "Good Night, But Not Goodbye"

Back in 1978, CBS aired The Star Wars Holiday Special, which followed Chewbacca and Han Solo as they traveled back to Chewie's home world to celebrate a very special holiday, Life Day. While franchise stars Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher took part in the small-screen, variety show-style festivities, Bea Arthur inexplicably appeared as a Mos Eisley cantina bartender who sings to a set of aliens including Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes. Enjoy with furrowed brow.

Now that you've survived the above, what is your favorite celebrity holiday track?


  • Her Brother says:

    find out more about real Scarlett by typing Scarlett Johansson actress clone in Google search bar and you would see much more then in The Island movie..

  • Val Vaden says:

    William Shatner, It Hasn't Happened Yet,
    Ok, may get disqualified on a technicality (it's not a Christmas song!), but it does mention snow AND Christmas in the first sentence, it has Shatner doing a version of his famously hilarious "sing-talking" and there is music and backing musicians and another singer. So can we make the list six? It's hilarious and so random!