15 Movie Topics to Argue Over with Your Family This Thanksgiving

jackandjillposter300.jpgAh, Thanksgiving. A time for gathering with the fam, eating turkey, and violently disagreeing with Aunt Sue about the validity of Justin Bieber's paternity suit and a cornucopia of other assorted pop culture-related topics while passing around the cranberry sauce. We're here to help make sure those awkward lulls in conversation don't devolve into interrogations into your actual personal life with 15 movie-related topics to keep the relatives squawking, bickering, and debating... at least 'til the pumpkin pie.

1. Can Justin Timberlake act? (You know, that kid from The Mickey Mouse Club. No, the other one.)

2. Shouldn't Clint Eastwood, y'know, retire?

3. Ryan Gosling vs. Bradley Cooper. Who's the sexier man alive?

4. Who wants to watch Eli Roth's Thanksgiving over dessert?

5. Why Cookie Rocket?

6. Why Adam Sandler?

7. Who was last generation's Taylor Lautner?

8. Fun game: "Someone would have to pay me $__ to see New Year's Eve." Now you go!

9. Lindsay Lohan. Discuss.

10. Ricky Gervais as Oscar host. Yay or nay? (Or, who??)

11. Who is the frontrunner in the Oscars' Best Actress category this year?

12. Can the whole family see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo together this Christmas? Pleeeeeease?

13. Which Muppet is the most attractive, ultimately? (Jason Segel does not count.)

14. Who will matter longer: Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson?

15. Is it still cool to like George Clooney?

16. BONUS: "Hey Grandma, did ya hear what happens at the end of the new Twilight?"

Happy Thanksgiving, Movieliners!

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