Star Trek 2 Set for May 2013, Will Be in 3-D

With J.J. Abrams finally all-the-way onboard for sure, the Star Trek sequel is moving firmly ahead, settling into a May 17, 2013 release slot. What's more? Abrams and LOST veteran Damon Lindelof are co-scripting with Trek writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. What's even more-more? Star Trek 2 will reportedly be filmed in 3-D. Get ready for lens flares in yo' face! Beam me up, Scotty -- right into the freaking screen! Bring your own vintage, pre-annihilation Romulan ale and Federation perfume come May 2013 and make it a 5-D experience. Now that'd be going boldly where no filmmaker has gone before. [Deadline]


  • j'accuse! says:

    Am I the only one for whom 3D actually detracts from the viewing experience? I watch a film that pulls me in, suspends my disbelief and even makes me forget my own reality and engrosses me in the goings on of the characters within. Then all of a sudden something flies out of the screen at me thanks to the clunky plastic glasses I'm wearing and I remember...oh yeah...I'm watching a movie. Maybe it works for Avatar or other flicks that are basically amusement park rides, but, other than that...I'm not sure I like it. And I actually like Star Trek. Sigh...whatevers...

  • Suzie59 says:

    J'ACCUSE! I for one am glad someone feels the same as me about 3D, I find myself distracted by the background and actually feel nauseous while watching so will not be going to see this film. Sadly I was brought up on the original Star Trek and really enjoyed the latest movie and was looking forward to the sequel... oh well :(

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