Miss Piggy on The Muppets, Amy Adams' 'OK' Voice, and Kermit's Dirty Secret


Miss Piggy has been a TV and movie star for decades, but in The Muppets, she finally gets the spotlight to herself and dominates the entire film start to finish -- or so she'd have us believe. The Muppets is a showcase for many of her colleagues, but she's the only character who gets a split-screen duet with Amy Adams and a very contemporary wardrobe. Movieline caught up with the porcine superstar (who is voiced by Eric Jacobsen) to discuss the new movie, her new look,and the bodily secret that Kermit doesn't want you to know.

Pardon if I weep during this interview. I've wanted to meet you for a long time.

It's natural. It happens all the time in your presence.

You have a big split-screen duet with Amy Adams in this movie.


Were you worried about upstaging her?

Oh, I was not worried in the least! I knew I would upstage her. Well, let's face it, Amy -- she has an OK voice. But, moi? My voice is just -- it's heaven, is it not?

Did you ever practice together?

No, we worked separately. As you saw in the movie, we were on separate sets. The song was called "Me Party," so it wouldn't really make to sense to sing it as a duet. We were both singing the song, but we're both in our own worlds.

I notice you've really updated your wardrobe and look since the last time we saw you. What's your secret to staying fashionable?

It's all about the wig. Yeah.

Really? Is it in the style of anyone right now?

This? I believe this is called a Jennifer. Yes. I really am a trendsetter though, so I'm changing my look all the time.

That's true.

Mmmhmm. Mmhhmmm. Yes. I mean, look at what Lady Gaga is doing right now. I was doing that five years ago. Come on.

Have you ever gone on a date with Muppets besides Kermit?

I would never date any of those other losers. Are you kidding me? The only reason why I do any movies with them, the only reason I do anything with them, is because they are Kermit's friends.

One of them must've tried to date you at some point.

Well, they try! Sure! I mean, for awhile there, Gonzo did. He had a huge crush on moi.


His beak used to be straight. I'm the reason it's crooked.


Now, there's a new Muppet named Walter who gets a lot of screen time. Does it bother you that he's such a big part of the movie?

Yes, well, he does have a big presence, but the movie is really about moi and how I save The Muppets. I mean, they were going to call it The Miss Piggy Movie. Yeah. I don't know what happened along the way. I'm not threatened by him, if that's what you are insinuating. I mean, he's a puny little guy! I'd take care of him in one shot.

It sounds tough to be saving the others constantly.

I know. It's a huge responsibility. They all rely on moi for work. They just latch onto my coattails.

Which are lovely!

Oh, thank you!

I never hear about other female Muppets, except maybe Janice from the Muppet band. What happened to the others?

There was one, I remember. Her name was Annie Sue. But I don't know what became of her! She just... disappeared one day.

Interesting. Can you tell us something we don't know about Kermit?

Hmmm. Something that you don't know about Kermit -- that I could share. Well, I'll tell you this. You ready for this? You may not like me telling you this, but [leans in] he has webbed feet.

You filmed some scenes in Paris, it looked like. What's the difference between Paris and L.A.? You seem pretty Hollywood.

I wished I had lived in Paris! I wish they had flown me to Paris to live there for awhile, so I could shoot my scenes there. But unfortunately, we shot all the Paris stuff in a Hollywood backlot. I think they did do the car shots there. Yeah, they sent a car to Paris, but they wouldn't send me.

Finally, what's your proudest onscreen moment?

Oh! Well, every time I come onto the screen, I think it's classic -- it's a classic movie moment. But I think in this movie, my favorite moment is when Kermit and I sing "Rainbow Connection" together and we make up. I won't say exactly how we make up, but it's a very wonderful moment. And it will send shivers down all the audience's spines.

Thank you so much. This has fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine.

Well, you're welcome.

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