Twit Wit: 5 Best Tweets About Breaking Dawn, The Descendants, Happy Feet Two, and Poor Natalie Wood


Lots of movie business to tweet about this weekend: Breaking Dawn, Part I made more money than is right for our national health, The Descendants scored a great opening in limited release, Happy Feet Two happened, and everyone is pretending to know who Natalie Wood is. Time to narrow down Twitter's commentary to five of the weekend's best movie-related quips. Robert Wagner, you are not culpable for the hilarity herein.

5. Twitter favorite Mary Charlene, AKA @IamEnidColeslaw (a reference to the graphic novel and movie Ghost World) reminds us about Happy Feet Two. I understand it's a film about penguins.

"Dances With Wolves" is pretty much "Happy Feet" but with wolves & Kevin Costner dies in the end
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4. Conan O'Brien considers the practicalities of being a Twihard. Godspeed.

Question: If I decide to switch from Team Edward to Team Jacob, how will that affect my rollover minutes?
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3. Jeopardy! warlord Ken Jennings insists he is not a suspect in the Natalie Wood case. Right.

My Natalie Wood alibi is pretty much unbreakable. I was seven years old, and my yacht was in drydock at the time.
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2. Hey, Rob Huebel is in The Descendants. Crazy. Here, he gives you a good reason to fork over $16 at the Arclight.

Go see 'The Descendants' when it comes to your town. I have a small part. I'll probably win an Academy Award and shit.
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1. This week's champ Frank Conniff, AKA TV's Frank from MST3K, thinks the Natalie Wood case calls to mind a simpler, better time. I concur.

The Natalie Wood case evokes a distant, forgotten past when we had scandals that actually involved talented celebrities.
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  • Elias says:

    This was pretty funny…I love Conan O’Brian’s Twitter feed, he’s just as funny there as he is on his show. Good stuff.