Rampart Trailer: Is the Woody Harrelson the Most Corrupt Cop You've Ever Seen Onscreen?

Just in time for the 2011 awards-release homestretch come the first trailer for Rampart, promising star Woody Harrelson as "the most corrupt cop you've ever seen on screen." Which isn't a review blurb, mind you, or some praise from Toronto, AFI Fest or elsewhere on the circuit where Oren Moverman's latest has made its first impressions. That's just a bold claim by distributor Millennium Entertainment -- kind of the Pepsi Challenge of Oscar-chasing bad-cop dramas.

And while no one can know for sure until they see Rampart how Harrelson's performance stands up to those of awful, awful Orson Welles in Touch of Evil or -- more in the awards mold -- Denzel Washington in Training Day, that really heavy rock riffage implies that it'll be up there! Kneel before Woody! Or something.