Watch Amanda Seyfried Throw Punches and Track Down a Serial Killer Solo in Gone Trailer

"I'll sleep when he's dead!" Amanda Seyfried declares in the new trailer for Gone, referencing the serial killer who has kidnapped her onscreen sis. You see, Seyfried's character Jill is frustrated because no one in her small town believes that the serial killer who kidnapped her two years ago has now kidnapped her sister. That's because they didn't believe Jill's story to begin with (and they're probably bored with Jill's cliched dialogue). So now it's just Jill vs. a ticking clock vs. an unsupportive police squad who tries to convince Jill that this serial killer drama is all in her head.

The thriller is from Brazilian director Heitor Dhalia and co-stars Wes Bentley, Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter and Michael Paré. Gone seems vaguely reminiscent of Kiss the Girls, which also featured a female kidnapping victim who manages to escape a serial killer's underground lair and (attempts to) rescue the other female hostages. Gone arrives in theaters February 24.

VERDICT: As the title (shared by seven forgettable films before it) suggests, this thriller will be gone from viewer memory almost instantly.

[via Yahoo!]