VIDEO: Cloris Leachman's Panties Just the Tip of Last Picture Show's 40th Anniversary Reunion Iceberg

It wasn't quite a complete reunion for Peter Bogdanovich and the cast of his 1971 breakthrough The Last Picture Show last night at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; there was no Jeff Bridges or Ellen Burstyn in sight, but plenty of the other main players including Cybill Shepherd, Timothy Bottoms, Cloris Leachman (who gives a funny anecdote about an underwear-related scene), and Eileen Brennan joined Bogdanovich to recount stories from behind the scenes of the adapted Larry McMurtry novel. Yeah, it'd have been nice for The Dude to stop by, but you'll find yourself transfixed by Brennan very soon anyway. Mrs. Peacock in the flesh, yo. Video (featuring moderator Luke Wilson) after the jump.

Crank it to 17:30 to see Brennan mumble a bit, but remain fascinating. Though Leachman's made a second (third? fourth?) career out of kicking ass in her mid-80s, it must be said that she is still divine. To quote The Last Picture Show, being crazy about a woman like her is always the right thing to do. Phyllis Lindstrom forever.

'The Last Picture Show' 40th Anniversary Reunion [Livestream]