VIDEO: Why Not Cast Donald Glover as Michael Jackson?

donaldglover300.jpgHot on the heels of the announcement that a Michael Jackson biopic may be in the works comes a video interview, over at Next Movie, in which Community star/rapper Donald Glover does the moonwalk and names the King of Pop as his dream role. Coincidence? Who cares? Give the gig to Childish Gambino, already!

Glover explains all that is tantalizing about a Jackson biopic: Good music. A tortured soul. An already crazypants real life stranger-than-fiction story. Besides: Can Johnny Depp do the MJ leg kick? I'm guessing not.

On second thought: Let's cast Glover, Depp, and a host of other actors (Kevin Bacon!) to play Jackson at various stages of his life, a la I'm Not There. Everyone wins!

Screen Check: Childish Gambino [Next Movie]


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