Ricky Gervais on Golden Globes Bubble, and 6 Other Stories You'll Be Talking About Today

rickygervaispodcast300.jpgHappy Tuesday! Also in today's edition of The Broadsheet: Channing Tatum is the latest subject of Man From U.N.C.L.E. rumors... Felicity Jones will Hughes it up with Warren Beatty... We're exporting Meryl Streep and Joel Coen to China... and more.

· The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has until the end of this week to determine whether or not it wants to bring Ricky Gervais back for his third Golden Globes hosting gig in January. I can't even believe this is a real internal debate -- of course they invite Gervais back (assuming he even wants to host; at this point he'd actually get more attention turning this sad, sad group down than he would taking their money and drinking their beer onstage). But here's the "controversy" as it reportedly stands today: "NBC has put the HFPA in a lose-lose situation. If the Hollywood Foreign Press says 'Yes' to Ricky, it risks turning the Globes into The Ricky Gervais Show and leaving the impression that they're annually throwing a great party while inviting someone who humiliates all of the guests. If it says 'No,' the HFPA looks like it has no sense of humor about itself." Actually, no: It puts any nominees who decline to attend in the position of having no sense of humor about themselves, and since everyone's paying to play anyway, who's going to not show up? Do it, already, HFPA. [Deadline]

· Could Channing Tatum be the lead for The Man From U.N.C.L.E? Someone's agent seems to think so. [Deadline]

· Actual headline: "Russell Brand to Star in and Produce Comedy The President Stole My Girlfriend." And Russell Brand stole my will to live. [THR]

· Breakout Like Crazy actress Felicity Jones has apparently nabbed the female lead in Warren Beatty's long-gestating Howard Hughes film that may or may not actually get made in our lifetimes. [Deadline]

· Meryl Streep and Joel Coen are among the Americans headed to a cultural summit in Beijing, where Streep will screen The Iron Lady for the first time. Tough crowd! [Variety]

· With J. Edgar dead in both the box-office and Oscar water, an autopsy in no doubt in order. Who knew that it was 9 percent Watchmen? That's enough to kill anything. [Moviefone]

· Below is the only Steve Jobs tribute you'll ever need, and this terrific interview with its illusionist, Paul Gertner, persuasively explains why. Brilliant, heartbreaking stuff that nevertheless makes me want to smash my Mac to bits. [Press Play/indieWIRE]