VIDEO: Al Pacino's Razzie Campaign Begins With This Jack and Jill Scene

When you first wept through the Jack and Jill trailer, you probably figured that Al Pacino's role as Al Pacino would just be a brief cameo. He falls for Adam Sandler in drag at a Lakers game and sends her a hot dog with his phone number squirted in mustard. Classic meat cute! Judging by a few new clips from the Razzie front runner though, Al Pacino co-stars in multiple scenes as Jill's overeager love interest.

With that revelation, let's formally begin Pacino's own Razzie campaign with this clip of him wooing Adam Sandler in drag by teaching her/him/it how to swing a baseball bat -- directly in front of his Academy Award. You see where this is going.

Pacino has been nominated for Golden Raspberries before -- for his work in Revolution and a dual nomination in 2008 for 88 Minutes/Righteous Kill -- but hopefully his work here will finally earn him that coveted Razzie win. Jack and Jill stinks up your local theater Nov. 11. (That's tomorrow!)

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  • j'accuse! says:

    Did Mr. Pacino have a Senator Geary moment or get into a lot of debt to some friends of ours down at the pork store? Every one of these awful projects he does, I hope he's done and he's paid his debts and can do a good picture next. Sigh...just when I thought he was out...they pull him back in.

  • sam says:

    Any of Pacino's scenes in '88 Minutes' are a million times funnier than this.

  • jose says:

    Before being dragged to the movies last night to see this garbage, i just thought Adam Sandler was an execrable by- product of the hollywood machine... After watching him trying to drag my favorite actor (Pacino if were wondering) to his all-time low level (without success of course), i felt my guts were being ripped apart, and wanted Sandler to feel the same...
    its a shame they keep pairing great actors with idiots like Sandler or Stiller