Spot the Similarities Between Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis and Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver

Any photo of Robert Pattinson is embraced by the Internet, so this week's brand new Cosmopolis stills featuring the Twilight heartthrob were a welcome Web treat. But one of the photos struck me as eerily reminiscent of a classic image from Taxi Driver, which got me thinking about the similarities between Pattinson's upcoming David Cronenberg-directed project and Martin Scorsese's famous De Niro vehicle. Can you spot the likenesses?

I'll start you off...

· Both dramas feature the above still of their main characters pointing a gun to the upper left corner of the frame. (Obviously.)

· Both Cosmopolis and Taxi Driver chronicle the lives of two Manhattan-ites who spend the majority of their screen time driving around New York City in a car.

· Both films' protagonists need a haircut. This is not just a tongue-in-cheek observation. Cosmopolis actually centers on a 28-year-old billionaire traversing the Big Apple in search of a haircut. Taxi Driver features a violent, insomniac Vietnam vet whose long hours, proclivity for seedy porn theaters and his depression keep him away from the barbershop.

Do you see any other similarities?

· Robert Pattinson Traverses Manhattan in 'Cosmopolis' [THR]

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