Contraband International Trailer: Mark Wahlberg Gets Tough for a Change

Remember Oscar season 2010-11? Remember we had to keep caring about The Fighter? I can't believe how long we had to care about The Fighter. For me it was the Cold Mountain of 2011. The louder you squawked, the better your Oscar chances. Did you wave your hands frantically a lot of the time? Did you steal your accent from an SNL table read? See you at the dais. Anyway, I'm still sore with Mark Wahlberg, and I'm approaching the international trailer for his new movie Contraband with that rancor. It comes out in January, so it has to be laughable. Let's laugh.

Ugh, it's too conventional to be laughable. We did get a glimpse of his good vibrations (abdominals), which is nice. But who can drop a chortle when we're still dusting off debris from Melissa Leo's dance with Kirk Douglas? Who can move on? We can't. Kate Beckinsale, you seem like a nice person, and I'm sorry I'm not sorry.

Verdict: Contrabland

'Contraband' International Trailer [MovieWeb]


  • The WInchester says:

    Nobody's gonna make me see this movie.
    Noht you, noht you, and noht you.

  • Glebe says:

    I saw and enjoyed the original Icelandic film (called Reykjavik-Rotterdam). If it keeps the same plot points it should be good.
    I'll bet Contraband will amp up the action though and probably not in a good way.

  • Alexa says:

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