Hunger Games Interactive Cast Photo is Sunnier Than Most Dystopian Deathmatches

· VF has a cute new photo of The Hunger Games's cast soaking up some rays and taking a break from murdering each other in front of screaming crowds. It's an "interactive photo," which means you can scroll over it at the source and learn about each actor. Click through for the photo, as well as more of Buzz Break. [VF]


· On a related note, Jennifer Lawrence gives an update on The Hunger Games: It's not Twilight, guys. [VF]

· Opening in Toronto this Friday: the magnificent Grace Kelly exhibit that chronicles her leap from Hollywood to royalty. I wonder if Alfred Hitchcock's thundering devastation is also on display. [The Star]

· Henrik Ibsen's classic play A Doll House is coming back to life in a contemporary version set within the economic crisis. Your boy Ben Kingsley will star as that bastard Torvald, and Jena Malone is playing Nora. Would Claire Bloom approve? [Cinema Blend]

· With all the hardship in the world today, please consider thinking about the Kardashians some more. Kris Jenner claims her daughter didn't make money off her wedding. Oh, then what did she make? A meaningful union? A birdhouse? [People]