Guess How Many Onscreen Explosions Michael Bay Has Created

Michael Bay is known for a few things: Barking orders on set, casting (and some might say, verbally abusing his) curvy female leads and explosions! Gloriously explosive explosions that give his testosterone-fueled blockbusters that certain je ne sais quoi-splosion. But just how many explosions has the filmmaker directed? A brilliant infographic from the good folks at breaks it down and displays the answer below.


And you thought that your spitball estimation of 1,000 was totally off base. If I had a pointer, I would draw attention to the way Bay gradually increased his number of onscreen explosions from Bad Boys to Pearl Harbor, before respectfully scaling back the explosions (because it wouldn't be in good taste to expose Bad Boys II star Martin Lawrence to as many explosions as Pearl Harbor victims) only to blow up his rate of explosion for the Transformers franchise. Great work,!

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