Watch Kermit and Miss Piggy Out-Act WWE Stars In Awkward Muppets Throwdown

Following in Hugh Jackman's Real Steel-shilling footsteps, the Muppets headed over to the WWE's Monday Night Raw last night to promote their upcoming movie. Only instead of providing six minutes worth of awkward, forced film promotion, the fuzzy characters brought their own brand of innocence and (what appears to be) some of their own writing to the ring. Surprisingly, Muppets meet Monday Night Raw almost worked...when the inanimate Jim Henson gang wasn't out-acting WWE's regulars.

Unfortunately for Muppets fans, most of the fuzzy characters' screen time was spent fielding lame insults from leotarded professionals like Jack Swagger and Cody Rhodes. "It ain't easy being green?" rasped Swagger to Kermie. "How about, it ain't easy being a plate of frog legs?"

Also, can someone please explain to me the appeal of WWE character Vickie Guerrero, better known (to me) as the shrieking headache in a fuchsia halter top? OK, thanks.

How many WWE fans do you think were convinced by this Disney stunt to check out the Muppets' motion picture comeback this Nov. 23? And more importantly, how many times do you think Jim Henson rolled over in his grave when a spray-tanned lady wrestler wearing white fur boots and a pirate's hat sexually assaulted Kermie?

[via EW]