Muppets Coming to WWE, Naturally

FinalMuppetsTrailer120.jpgAfter the success of Hugh Jackman's WWE cameo last month, Disney has partnered with the wrestling juggernaut to bring the Muppets to tonight's live Halloween episode from Atlanta. "I can only imagine what will trend this week with the Muppets guest starring, especially when the audience sees what the Muppets are going to do," said a WWE executive. Anything short of Miss Piggy busting a folding chair over Vince McMahon's head will be a failure. Any other dream scenarios? [Variety]


  • Scott says:

    And cleavage is bad? I think katy perry's covered boobs are safer than endorsing violence...

  • Noah James says:

    I would love if Kermit shoots about "candy-asses" and asking for "hell yeas" - but I have a sick feeling it's just going to be bad puns like Miss Piggy flirting by offering "pork to go with the beefcakes".