Friday Box Office: Puss Swashbuckles to First; Paranormal Plunges

Barring a Texas Rangers-esque collapse today and tomorrow, America's favorite spun-off Spanish feline with a sword will scamper away with the weekend's box-office crown: Puss in Boots easily knocked off Paranormal Activity 3, which slid some 70 percent off last Friday's blistering pace. In other news, Justin Timberlake and Johnny Depp opened soft and Anonymous had a Bard time (sorry) on around 250 screens. Your Friday Box Office is here.

1. PUSS IN BOOTS: $9,800,000 (new)

2. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3: $7,000,000 ($80,000,000)

3. IN TIME: $4,500,000 (new)

4. FOOTLOOSE: $2,000,000 ($39,000,000)

5. THE RUM DIARY: $1,700,000 (new)

11. ANONYMOUS: $350,000 (new)

[via Deadline]