Week in Review: Happy Halloween!

So much went down here at Movieline HQ in the week leading into Halloween 2011, including the revelation that nobody loves Halloween more than Heidi frickin' Klum. And nobody loves arguing over the vocal stylings of patriotic Hollywood starlets more than Movieline readers! (We love you. Don't ever change.) Throw on some blue face paint and fangs and six extra arms and reminisce as we traipse into the Halloween weekend!

• Throw together a last-minute costume inspired by 2011's memorable films (Ryan Gosling in... NYC Street Fight!) or, alternately, inspired by Heidi Klum's cray-crayness.

• Lindsay Lohan's naughty bits got a Playboy spread; James Franco's ass got a magazine cover.

• America's culture wars came to Movieline, in the form of the Great Demi Lovato vs. Zooey Deschanel Debate of 2011.

• We wish Tyler Perry would take on the Bard.

• Movieline was on the scene to bring you a peek at Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, share new Bridesmaids revelations, report on Puss in Boots's socio-cultural relevancy, and inhale Johnny Depp's cigar smoke.

• Thanks to Movieline Interviewees Topher Grace, Abigail Breslin, Rhys Ifans, Roland Emmerich, Stephen Moyer, and Bill Condon. Also: Hurrah to the Jurassic Park VFX team for sharing their secrets!