Video: Sandra Bullock's Lost 1991 Audition Tape Shows Her Knack for Comedy, High-Waisted Jeans

Now that I'm finally over The Blind Side's undeserved Oscar presence, I can get back to celebrating the things I love about Sandra Bullock. She is feisty! And sincere! And funny! In 1991, she'd apparently already nailed down that Bullockian trifecta, because she is positively charming in this audition tape from the beginning of her career. Check it out after the jump, along with the rest of Buzz Break (including Lindsay Lohan's newest $1 million offer).

[via Snakkle]

· Sex toy company Fleshlight is offering Lindsay Lohan $1 million to be one of their exclusive "Fleshlight Girls." If you can't play Linda Lovelace, be Linda Lovelace. [Press Release]

· Speaking of Lohan, she's not alone in her Playboy foray -- literally. Her little sister joined her on set. [Gawker]

· Here's Nerve's list of the 50 greatest cult movies of all time. We can never honor Barbarella enough. [Nerve]

· Amanda Seyfried told Jay Leno that she thinks guns are a turn-on. I swear this is not just a plot development in Jennifer's Body. [HuffPost]