Jurassic Park 10-Word Review Contest: We Have Our Winners!

Let's hear it for all of the Movieline readers who turned out yesterday and today to make our Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy Giveaway our best contest yet. Cheers! Applause! Maniacal Tom Cruise laughter! When the contest ended, your loyal Movieline team locked themselves in the office to dramatically interpret each of your clever 10-word reviews (and eat lunch). An hour or so later, we have chosen our winners.

While we wish that we could give each reviewer a Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy set (including Blu-ray and DVD copies of all three films), we could only pick five victors.

The winning guest critics are:

· The Winchester: "Water ripples, raptor fields, Pterodactyl attacks... Greatest set pieces ever!"

· Erica: "Jurassic Park, awesome! Disappointing sequels will make for great coasters."

· Ninan: "Greatest sci-fi film of the '90s, plus 2 free movies."

· Jon: "Guy getting eaten by T-REX while doing number 2? Winning."

· @WordsmithSam: "Cloned dinosaurs meet humans. Eat humans. Chaos finds a way."

Congratulations to the winners (Movieline will be in touch shortly), and thanks again to everyone who participated in this special Jurassic Park contest. As always, please check back regularly for more Movieline giveaways!


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