Can You Guess the Highest-Grossing Screen Actor of All Time?

The Guinness Book of World Records isn't just for nausea-inducing photos of 50-inch fingernails and fat twins on motorcycles anymore. The sprawling oracle of milestones far and wide has gone practical this week, revealing the screen actor whose body of work has accrued the highest collective gross in history. It's not the most obvious fellow, but considering his ubiquity, franchise successes and long trail of cultural landmarks, it makes sense. Think hard, and read on for the answer to the trivia question you'll be flinging with relish all weekend.


OK. Ready?

jackson-arena-300.jpgA: Samuel L. Jackson. Way to go, Sam! The strung out fast-food robber of Coming to America has since boasted a more lucrative resume than any actor in Hollywood -- $7.4 billion, according to the Guinness Book. Thank the Star Wars prequels, the Avengers films, Jurassic Park and the trenchant audience-pleaser Arena Pulp Fiction. Watch out, though: Mia Wasikowska and, uh, Tyrese Gibson are hot on his trail. Keep the white-out handy, Guinness.

[via THR]

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