Why Yes, I Will Watch Chris Brown and Laz Alonso in Planet B-Boy

stomptheyard300.jpgScreen Gems spilled the news today that they're already filming a feature adaptation of Benson Lee's 2007 dance documentary Planet B-Boy, about a crew of American breakdancers who compete on the world's stage against crews from foreign lands. Sure, it sounds like just another dance movie. But I ask you: What's wrong with that? I LOVE DANCE MOVIES! And if you love dance movies like I do, then there are at least two additional reasons why you'll totally mark your calendars for this particular project.

Reason number 1: Chris Brown.

Reason number 2: Laz Alonso.

What do these two have in common?


Now, any dance movie aficionado knows that Brown and Alonso don't actually share scenes in Sylvain White's 2007 picture, about a young man from the hood (Columbus Short) who loses his brother (Brown) in a tragic post-dance battle flash of violence, then finds himself at college getting into the step scene, where he runs across Alonso's rival fraternity step crew leader.

Further: Any Stomp the Yard diehard knows that Brown's brief screen time is nothing short of AMAZING, full of dynamic choreography and no small amount of what the kids refer to these days as 'swag.' I've heard tell of some people weeping (quietly, to themselves) at his character's sad demise. Ahem.

So, anyway: Screen Gems gathering not one, but two Stomp the Yard alumni in a bboying movie? I'm sold. And how much would it take to get Columbus Short onboard, while we're at it?

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