Zooey Deschanel or Demi Lovato: Which Actress Sang the National Anthem Better at the World Series?


I haven't been watching the World Series because, um, baseball is the least telegenic sport since blogging, but I've caught two actresses unleash very decent renditions of the national anthem since the series began. Two days ago, Zooey Deschanel purred her version, and yesterday, convalescing Disney queen Demi Lovato belted it out. Fantastic. Unfortunately, It is my belief that only one can win. Who did it better?

Sure, we're not dealing with the quality of Marvin Gaye, Whitney Houston, or the Dixie Chicks here, but we've got formidable chanteuses on our hands. First, Ms. Lovato, whose smart blazer and wild Wynonna mane are enough to set off stadium fireworks.

All I can say is that Disney finds talent. That was a strong, assured, and kinda smoky (unless I'm just projecting my Wynonna associations onto this poor girl) rendition. She deserves power anthems in the vein of Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. The girl is not sub-Miley. She deserves stardom. Now, here is Hello Giggles empress Zooey Deschanel, poised in an expected vintage frock and chirping from beneath that kooky stack of Debra Winger hair.

Interesting to watch "twee" play out in a stadium. She went pretty silent near the end of some of her phrases, and my response to the performance is of a piece with my feelings about Deschanel in general: smart, cute, talented, but not inspired. Demi wins hands down.

Agree? Please fight me.


  • Joebach says:

    It seems like a lot of people who chose Zooey over Demi sounds like they did a crash search on google to make them sound more musically inclined. When it's obvious that they don't know squat about music. Lol seriously guys, you honestly think anyone with genuine taste for performing would chose Zooey over Demi? Lol disappear guys. Seriously fade away from existence.

  • Deidrabbaby says:

    "No one in their right mind would choose someone who sounds like they are half asleep over someone who actually puts PASSION and effort into their rendition. Get out of my country Benedict Arnold."
    Bravo. Bra fraking vo. I mean I don't even agree with this line that much and I chose Demi over Zooey. Hell a deaf chimp would choose someone with mor energy over someone who sounds like they are one step in their grave but...damn what a. Line lol.

  • James says:

    Bin laden is that you? I thought we killed your ass lol.

  • TK says:

    All right then, what do you know about music? Enlighten me. #feedingtrollsforfun

  • JoeBach says:

    I know enough to note the difference between screaming an voice projecting. I also know Screaming if done for a while has a raspy quality to it. You don't need to be a music rock star to know that. Also you seem to forget almost EVERY singer singing acapella has a "Shaky" quality to it. #hypocrisymuch ? lol

  • James says:

    We apparently know more than you. I'm sure you're gonna make up some kind of fictitious background lol.

  • JoeBach says:

    To give you a shorter answer. More than you TK 🙂 #truthhurts

  • James says:

    It looks like the people who chose Zooey over Demi don't know the difference between screaming and singing...interesting. Are all Zooey D supports mentally retarded?

  • blizzard bound says:

    Sad, sad man.

  • JoeBach says:

    Hey don't blame him for telling the truth. If you are a musically inept individual don't make a post saying she “Shrieked” those high notes when there was no shrieking. Shrieking means a strained voice, means no control. She had control. Well as much control as humanly possible. And you confuse embellishment with...well lets just say you are confused. 🙂

  • JoeBach says:

    To the people who chose Zooey over Demi, do you know anything about music at all without the need to run to a google search engine to make your post sound quasi intellectual? Or are you all just musically and socially void of any education?

  • JoeBach says:

    You are aware that Adele is about as corporate as they come right? She's a HUGE star right now who just agreed to huge sponsorships and BIGGER venues. Thats as corporate as they come. Spare me your pseudo intellectualism.

  • D says:

    Was it me or is that ball player at the 1:05 mark in Zooey's video asleep? Hell I'd be asleep if I had to listen to her sing.

  • Jeff says:

    Before I mention who I thought did better, I a few things to say.
    First, I absolutely hate it when singers put their own poppy spin on "The Star-Spangled Banner." The poem the lyrics come from is anything but poppy. It was written by a man who watched a fort get bombarded. It's supposed to be a solemn reflection on that.
    Second, my musical tastes lean towards stuff like My Morning Jacket, Conor Oberst, Monsters of Folk, Old Crow Medicine Show, Ryan Adams, and the like. Singers and song writers, classic rock, jazz, and even some golden oldies. In other words, songs you won't likely find on the top 40 pop charts.
    Third, I have no formal music education. However, the concentrated musical knowledge amongst my current friends (one of which is a music teacher) and the ones from high school is amazing. When you're friends with people for half a decade, knowledge has a tendency to spread or I'd have no idea how to tune a guitar, how to run a D&D campaign, or how to run a sound check. I've learned that stuff from observation and paying attention to conversation.
    That said, Zooey did a better job in my opinion. She gave the song the respect it deserved rather than crank it up. She sang it as though she knew the words weren't just the words that were sung before a sporting event. Her performance actually moved me rather than think, "Here's yet another pop queen belting out the National Anthem." Was she too quiet near the ends of the verses? Yes. From the looks of the video, she needed to adjust the microphone better.
    To the 3 or 4 people who can't STFU and insist on flaming people for their opinions, you may no proceed to bashing me. Because frankly, I don't give a damn what you think. The loudest kid is class isn't always right.

  • Jeff says:

    "I have a few things to say."
    Typo...my mistake. Thought I'd better nip that possible flame in the bud before anyone jumped on an insignificant typo.

  • JoeBach says:

    Well then you shouldn't be listening to live performers then. Because technically every version of the song is a "different" rendition. And technically Zooey d is a "pop" artist which would make her version just as pop as anyone else. Fact is its a song. And any song is open to "different renditions" so spare me your bull crap patriotic elitism.
    I noticed you mentioned that you like classic rock, jazz and even some golden oldies in your argument. I have to say I find that amusing that you would say that seeing as how classic rock artists have had their stuff displayed on the bb charts back in their days as well. Hell the artists you mentioned have gotten popular due to some notoriety and advertisement to their music. How else would they get popular? Ah doi!
    So in other words you have about as much knowledge as the rest of us. Sorry dog. That's not very impressive and it also makes you look stupid. I'll get to that later on but yeah. It really does.
    And to be honest I could care less bout your knowledge you got from no real first hand experience because that means nothing to me. Observation is one thing but putting it into practice is another. That's like calling myself a cyclist just because I go on leisure bike ride with someone who competed in the tour de France. Are you for real bra?
    I always laugh at the people who use "respect" as some sort of argument even tough they have no clue what it means.  Do you even know what respect means? Your argument honestly ridiculous.
    It's funny you say that. Considering that she was singing it before a huge sports even. So for you to say "derp! she sang it as though she knew the words weren't meant to be sung at a sports event derp!" makes you sound like a moron with half your brain missing. And really? You're gonna bring Demi's pop status into play? For real? Cause it's not like Zooey d isn't part of a pop duo who is about corporate and as oh I dunno the freaking net work she performed on! Hello fox net work plug! Derp! Oh please lol.
    No offense but if Your reasons for liking Zooey's Xanax ridden rendition is better because of the "respect" you felt she gave it then, I really don't have to say anything else. That argument defeats its self lol. It really makes no sense especially since Zooey is about as pop as anyone else. 
    Maybe the loudest kid in the class isn't alway right. But the right kid in  the class is. And we are right. What you said made no sense. It contradicts every point you made. 
    Ps: this is the Internet. You honestly think people here give two farts about spelling? Lol

  • Eddie Van Hilton says:

    This is my consensus. When I think Zooey Deschanel, I see a girl who is a cute quirky actress with that actors persona that you can't help fall in love with. She's a talented actress who can nail a comedic roll on spot. As a singer, she leaves much to be desired and her mono toned rendition of this song pretty much supports my theory that she can't sing. I mean has anyone listened to her sing Jazz? She's horrible. She's a one note singer who honestly puts me to sleep every time I try to listen to her.
    When I think Demi Lovato, I think, man this girl can sing. As far as disney chicks go, she is insanely talented and has all the stardom that can even surpas Miley Cyrus and or Selena Gomez. This girl's singing abilities especially for a 19 year old is truly uncanny and as a singer, this anthem proves that she has the potential to join the best vocalists in the country like Christina Aguilera or Whitney Houston. As an actress, I'm not impressed. I have yet to see her in a role that would really impress me. So far she hasn't been in an impressive role.
    Having said all that since we are going by SINGING, Demi is clearly the better of the two and wins...by a landslide. I agree with the person who said you have to be deaf, blind and dumb to choose Zooey over an actual GOOD singer like Demi Lovato.

  • Eddie Van Hilton says:

    No no no. Sorry Kate but if you are going to post you have to KNOW what you are talking about. If she strained her voice or “pinched” it (the more correct term) then her actual singing would mirror said strained vocal muscles. Being that they would sound raspy and have a nasal like quality to it. THAT is strained. People need to stop calling it what it isnt and actually do a little research on the subject as far as who is a “Truer performer” I can't see how anyone would choose Zooey as a performer seeing as how she looks like, as most people would say, being half asleep throughout the entire rendition. This is a LIVE performance at a BALL GAME. A NATIONAL WORLD SERIES BALL GAME none the less. Not a little league cub scout scrimage. This song is suppose to portray motivation and endurance through the toughest of times. I doubt Francis Scott Key, was thinking “Hey you know what would sound good for this music? A girl who sounds like she was half asleep. Yeah that sounds good.” This is a base ball game. An Us against them scenario. Something that is supposed to portray motivation not nap time after juice and cookies. Give me a break.

  • Eddie Van Hilton says:

    Steve it seems like everyone has said pretty much what I was thinking so I will just reiterate what they are saying. There is a difference between maturity and sounding like you want to leave after the song was done. Ironically thats what Zooey did after she performed this rendition. That shows you how patriotic your girl Zooey was lol. But I am afraid you were not watching the same video as I was because there was nothing Controlled and resonant about her vocals. In fact there were quite a few places where she sounded shaky. Which is only natural even Demi had that and her version was ten times more superior to Zooeys but thats acapella note holding for you. As far as understanding her instrument better, I'll give you that. She clearly doesn't have what it takes to hit those money making notes that Demi could even on her worst day. And genuine depth? This song was written during a war. An “us vs them scenario” where Zooey sounded like she was about to take off as soon as she was done. There is hardly any depth to that what so ever. Anyone with ears would tell you that Demi easily had more depth. But the fact that you called Demi's rendition “strained” tells me that you have no musical background what so ever. Strained would show that her voice would sound raspy and nasaly. She didn't sound like either in this rendition. I suggest you hear the song again, this time without the obvious cottons stuffed in your ears. But I like you say her rendition was like her screaming out “validate and acknowledge that I'm not just a a product of a corporate committee." When Zoooey has a television show. On Fox, which aired this particular game. You kinda shot yourself in the foot with that one. Not to bright when it comes to arguing are you Steve?
    Also I don't know many pretty high school girls with a recording contract with a huge label. Do you? Think about your words before you type them champ.

  • Eddie Van Hilton says:

    Oh Vanessa. Deary there is just so much wrong with your post that I don't know where to begin. I mean I could talk about how you are way off in calling Demi PITCHY. I guess you really aren't aware of how accapella music sounds but this was not “totally pitchy” as you claimed it to be. If she was pitchy, she wouldn't have been on key. Which she was. She was on key for the most part and any music buff would tell you she was. As far as singing way to high up in her range? If that was the case, then she wouldn't be able to hit those notes that she did hit originally. Do you know anything about singing or how the lungs work in general? Or do you just randomly throw out musical jargon to support the fact that you like a boring rendition that’s about as bland as a no cheese tuna casserole? And for the record I'm not hating on Zooey at all. I love Zooey. I think she is a super talented girl. When it comes to acting, singing? Hell no. She's boring shows no emotion and her rendition reminds of the music that my kindergarten teacher use to play just before we took naps. Also like someone pointed out, Sass would mean that she put effort into her song, that she sounded like she wanted people to enjoy her rendition not slit their wrists at an MCR concert. Also confidence would mean that she would go beyond her range and try to hit those high notes. Like a REAL perform who happens to be 19 years old and is a Texas native did. THAT was Sass, THAT was confidence that Demi had. Zooey did not. You mixed up your words sweetie. Try again.
    PS: Please don't compare Debra Winger to Zooey Deschanel. Not ever in your life do something as insanely ignorant as that. You just sound silly now.

  • Eddie Van Hilton says:

    Lol. TK this posts amuses me for all the wrong reasons. I have to thank you for this. Because if it wasn't for this one post and the other half wits who chose Zooey over Demi, I wouldn't have had such a laugh today. And I needed it. Just to let you know, adding a few “big words” here and there doesn't make you sound cultured. It makes you sound like you are trying to cover up your ignorance with some fancy wording jujitsu that you are clearly guilty of. Like a LOT of people already pointed out, and I have too, Screaming and projecting one's voice, especially within a LARGE stadium like the one we were at are two different things entirely. Screaming would mean that her voice would have a shrieking like quality and sound raspy as others have put it. She did not have any of those. Nor was she “off pitch” you don't need to have a professional music background to know what being on or off pitch would sound like. Just play the tunes back to back and you'll see that other than her chose octave, she was pretty much ON pitch and ON key. But you're going to talk about Zooey's rendition as the better when you inadvertently give Mariah Carey a nod in this post of yours? I really don't get this display of hypocrisy on your end here. Zooey started at a small pitch because her voice doesn't go that high. You must have a huge hearing problem to actually compare the two in terms of singing if you can't tell that Zooey has a deeper voice that Demi Lovato. High notes indicate a HIGHER OCTAVE which Zooey didn't even attempt to sing. So she didn't execute her “high notes” she didn't even reach them. DEMI on the other hand executed them with precision. Albeit a little shaky in some parts none the less she got them with gusto and performed them quite well. That was not singing. That was projecting ones voice. Also everyone who SINGS the national anthem actually SINGS the national anthem. They're not singing a different song. They are there to sing THAT song. I don't know what you gained to put that in your argument but you gained nothing. You soundly incredibly daft in that statement. As far as Demi's use of Melisma goes, well that’s her personal preference for her to use it. That has more to do with choices rather than ability. Just like it was your choice to sound like a musically retarded individual to confuse general voice projection for a larger stadium with “Grating screeches” as you oh so eloquently stated. Also you really should hear Demi Lovato in her natural environment when she is performing. No auto tune there and she pulls off her numbers like a true pro. I'm with everyone who says that you sound more untrained than even someone with general hearing skills. Not to mention you have proven to us that you know little to nothing about music, don't have an ear for music and or talent, and you wouldn't know anything about a performance being respectful, beautiful and or “sexy” if it were to hit you in the ass. Do you know ANYTHING about the national Anthem at all? You honestly think Francis Scott Key would want his rendition to be sung by someone who was asleep especially when he was writing this during the war of 1812 none the less? You honestly think Zooey putting no effort into her rendition is more respectful than someone who actually performed it like she WANTED to be there and ROOT for her team?
    Please sugar. Go to school, get an education and learn a thing or two about the REAL Star Spangle Banner and know its REAL history about it and what it was REALLY trying to portray. The only -f-ing idiot here is you. Pro tip sweetums, throwing “big words” in your sentences does not make you sound smart. An idiot using dictionary.com is still an idiot. Thought you should know 🙂

  • Chasmosaur says:

    Not intellectualism - that was the point.
    If you're going to get someone with corporate backing, you might as well get someone who can actually sing the bejeezus out of a song. While Zooey Deschanel and Demi Lovato both have pleasant voices, I found both of them underwhelming.

  • JoeBach says:

    Lol There's an entire forum that would argue your take on Adele singing. Specfically IMDB.
    PS: You honestly think Adele would be caught dead singing this song? Psh!

  • Mac says:

    First I have to agree Demi wins but this does not mean Zooey didn't sing well.
    I've always liked Demi more as a singer and I've always thought Zooey was a great actor. Demi's path is now focused on singing (She's no longer on Disney) and Zooey has her show on Fox. I also feel that Zooey doesn't have a marketable voice for today(maybe for the 50's) but she can sing.

  • Rob says:

    Neither sang better than the other. Anyone with a brain would be able to tell that their styles were completely different. It's like comparing apples to oranges. And all of you freaking out about who sang better really need to grow up! It's embarrassing and just shows us how immature you are. Seriously, how old are you? I bet these Demi supporters are still in high school, and most of the Zooey supporters are college-age and over. Why? Because that is the audience each of them is singing to. Personally, I liked Zooey's rendition more because it was unique and even though sung softly, extremely moving. But, I think Demi has much stronger vocals and can hit high notes Zooey can only dream of reaching. It's only a matter of time before these lovestruck high schoolers pounce on me for posting this and complementing Zooey. And I will respond now before I won't get a chance because I actually DO have a life, and won't be back on this webpage. Get a life dudes, seriously...it's pathetic!