Alec Baldwin's New Podcast is Just as Awesome as You'd Imagine

alecbaldwinpodcast300.jpgNow hear this! No, seriously, hear this: Alec Baldwin has a new WNYC podcast called Here's the Thing, which will comprise a series of conversations with the actor's Hollywood peers and other cultural luminaries (including "makers of public policy, critics and comedians") about "what motivates them" and "how [...] they feel about what they do" -- among other things. The first episode, which you can listen to below, feature Michael Douglas and is pretty much just as awesome as you'd imagine.

This is what something like Inside the Actor's Studio should be: Raconteurial aplomb without all the sycophancy, and generosity of spirit without all the fawning deference. Baldwin's chat a few weeks ago with Matthew Broderick was a perfect tune-up for what he's doing here -- to say nothing of Baldwin's other sterling public-radio milestone known as "Schweddy Balls" -- and I can't really wait to hear what's next.

Highlights include drunken "Greed is good" impressions and lessons from Jack Nicholson on the set of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. And there's so much more. Happy listening!

[via WNYC]