'Does Donnie Darko Hold Up?'

This point/counterpoint piece overlooks the likelihood of viewers having completely forgotten about everything but Jake Gyllenhaal's glorious creepy days, the soundtrack and Drew Barrymore playing a teacher, but 10 years on, my decade-addled brain seems to remember it all coming together. You? [Nerve]


  • Dan Tralder says:

    I'm so glad that someone finally asked my opinion: now I have an excuse for bashing Donnie Darko. Next can you ask me about Boondock Saints?

  • Does The Boondock Saints hold up?

  • The WInchester says:

    It doesn't.
    But S. Darko surprisingly does.

  • Jake says:

    Before seeing D Darko for the first time, a friend recommended reading the notes in the booklet in the special edition DVD (about vessels and whatnot). Armed with that knowledge of the concept, it actually made a lot of sense and was really interesting. Plus, best Gyllenhall performance ever.
    But if I hadn't read that stuff, it would have been a confusing mess. I definitely fault the filmmaker for not including that information in the actual work itself. He alienated a huge amount of viewers by doing so. And yet, here we are talking about the film 7 or 8 years later, so maybe he was crazy prescient. Probably not, but maybe.
    It would be like watching The Terminator without Reece ever explaining about being from the future and that she is destined to give birth to the leader of the revolution. You would just sort of wonder why this half man half machine is chasing this woman and why some homeless looking guy is trying to save her.
    - Jakey

  • jake says:

    Didn't really hold up on a first viewing. It's not terrible or anything. Just average, derivative indie stuff that came along ten years too late to be all that relevant.

  • meh... says:

    This movie qualifies for my BTTF stamp of approval. (Back to the Future Stamp)-meaning I'll watch it every time it's on TV...like Back to the Future.

  • Shawn Gordon says:

    I didn't think it held up on a second viewing, let alone a decade later, and as we all know a cult classic it can not be after a single viewing. Though, I still got give it Jake, Drew, and Swayze for giving soolid performances and will always love that soundtrack.

  • Dan Tralder says:

    Nothing makes me happier than Movieline lovingly indulging my obnoxious tendencies. Love ya...