Talkback: Which Oscar Contenders Do You Irrationally Refuse to See This Year?

dicaprio_jedgar300.jpgIt's the most wonderful time of year -- that calm October blip where Oscar season's best films are coming up and we dream about how overrated many of them will be. I feel like a little kid again! While this season is far less objectionable than last year's, I can think of a couple movies I'd normally (and irrationally) resist if it weren't my job to deal with them. Can you?

First of all, I still wish I refused to see I Am Love and Black Swan last year. Hurts to this day. Tilda Swinton's hormonal yearnings for shellfish and Barbara Hershey's horrifying love of cake ruined my winter. This year, I'm already dreading J. Edgar. Just too flashy, Oscar-magnetic, and apparently evasive. I actually loved Leo DiCaprio in The Aviator, but he's really doubling up on his face scrunches and monotone proclamations this time around. It's the Brood Diamond, y'all.

If Albert Nobbs starred anyone other than the mighty she-wolf Glenn Close, I'd want to pass. But now that she's an underdog in the Best Actress race, I'm particularly excited to see her pull off 19th-century male jauntiness. In retrospect, I refuse to see The Help. Let's give Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer some statue cred but leave that Easter-colored, happy-clappy morality tale in the dust.

What are your movie nuisances this fall/winter?


  • KevyB says:

    ACK! Black Swan was watchable, but still drivel. I wouldn't rewatch it under threat of death.
    As for this year, I would say the commercials make J Edgar seem atrocious, but Eastwood is always watchable. It just seems too Scorsese-doing-Aviator-again-ish to me, and I already sat through those 47 hours, thank you. And yet another human-atrocities movie from Spielberg??? Munich was fine, but I can't tell you how many times I pre-directed the scenes - "Okay, he's going to enter some building, get shot right through the milk bottle, and then he's going to lie there in a big puddle of milk that slowly turns red!" At this point, does he have the ability to do anything differently?
    I also agree with any 9/11 movie.