You Can't Look Away from Logan Lerman's Awkward Korean TV Interview

Logan Lerman, arguably our most rosy-cheeked D'Artagnan, made an appearance on a Korean talk show while promoting the new Three Musketeers at the Busan International Film Festival. Maybe the movie's not so hot, but you'll see in this clip that Lerman's cute awkwardness is the best we've seen since Jesse Eisenberg (and not as flip). Also, the host steals Lerman's shoes, and for some reason it's like watching a trainwreck.

First of all, how many times can one person insist he is shy? And be so right? Secondly, THOSE QUESTIONS. And then THAT SINGING. Concluding with THOSE SLIPPERS. It's like a version of Contagion where the virus makes you shuffle in your chair and scratch your neck 100 times.

Logan Lerman interview on Korea TV (Oct 23, 2011)! [YouTube]


  • j'accuse! says:

    I've been using that awe shucks cute act for years, never fails, even when I can't speak the language. I wonder if that guy put those shoes up on ebay, or if they're for his private stash? You know there's a market for Mr. Lerman's used shoes out there...

  • jaysin420 says:

    Haha it's like he keeps looking around for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and punk him.

  • Cathy says:

    Oh my gosh! Logan's such a lovely boy but my God did I ever cringe throughout this video. It was so painfully awkward I almost stopped the video at some parts. I didn't want to see Logan's sweet face anymore with the utter embarressment written all over it. The poor boy. This interviewer was obviously getting his kicks out of embarressing Logan. He was relentless and poor Logan was just dying for it to be over. The guy was a weirdo and I'm not sure if he was doing it just for shock value or if he was actually coming onto Logan. Either way, this has got to be the most painfully awkward video I've ever watched especially when it involves an angelic faced boy who's so obviously suffering from humiliation. And now Logan will have to live the rest of his life being tagged "shy boy."

  • Mike says:

    Isn't it quite ironic that Logan picked a career where he's constantly in the public eye, when he's so shy? Why put yourself through that torture? That's like putting honey on your ass and sitting on a fire ant hill.

  • bb says:

    oh my god , he is just like me . <3 im so shy and awkward like that .

  • brubie says:

    Beautiful Jewish boy.

  • xoxoA says:

    He wasn't like this in his old interviews. I remember watching his interviews for Gamer and I actually looked up to his chill attitude. I wonder what happened (Hollywood).