Trailer: Love, War and Angelina Jolie Collide in Blood and Honey

So you might remember that Angelina Jolie wrote and directed a feature -- a real good-time-party-blast called In the Land of Blood and Honey, about the illicit romance between a Muslim woman and a Serbian troop at the peak of the war in Bosnia. Now there's a trailer.

Honestly, I don't even have an opinion on this because we all know that FilmDistrict just cuts trailers together to sell totally different movies than they ones they actually release, so for all any of us can tell, this putative holiday tear-jerker about love and war and van explosions is really just another one of their thoughtful, sophisticated, moody, arty dramas for adults. Boooooo!!! I can see the lawsuit now: "I was promised blood and honey. I received blood and a couple gallons of tobacco-flavored Eastern European teardrops." And they'd be right.

VERDICT: Sold, obviously.