Movieline's Week in Review: Well, What If We Grabbed Our Knife On You?

Friday! Huzzah! Time to gather some friends for a fun night out getting beaten senseless on a Vancouver sidewalk -- or, if partying Shia-style isn't your bag, feel free to just trawl through the lively memories gathered in Movieline's Week in Review. It's all here, with more delight to come in the days ahead from the winsome wit of Louis Virtel. Don't be a stranger, and have a great weekend!

· Shia LaBeouf learned the crucial lesson of never bringing a knife allusion to a drunken ass-whipping.

· Ellen Barkin is fuckin' back, baby!

· Matthew Broderick and Alec Baldwin led our whirlwind Hamptons Film Festival coverage.

· Thanks to this week's illustrious interviewees Zachary Quinto, Jake Kasdan and Verge designee J.C. Chandor.

· Lists! We got your lists, from the future of 3-D Victorian literary adaptations to women's sports flicks to all the Three Musketeers history you can stand.

· A Pixar devotee supplied the week's unlikeliest nightmare fuel.

· Get all the Olsen goods this week with Elizabeth in the sublime Martha Marcy May Marlene and Mary-Kate and Ashley in the Bad Movie We Love New York Minute.

· Oscar Index rolled into its second month. Is it February yet?