River Phoenix's Final Film Coming Soon, and 5 Other Stories You'll Be Talking About Today

river_phoenix280.jpgHappy Wednesday! Also in this midweek edition of The Broadsheet: Meet the burglars inspired by The Town... Steve Guttenberg still hoping for Police Academy reboot... Channing Tatum may wrestle with Foxcatcher... Make Facebook enemies with Johnny English... and more.

· Dutch director George Sluizer has reportedly held on to footage of his unfinished Dark Blood, a drama that also happens to be the film River Phoenix was shooting when he died suddenly in 1993. And now, with the blessing of the Phoenix family -- including brother Joaquin, who has assented to provide voiceover -- Sluizer says he plans to complete the movie. Even better: This is an unfinished Judy Davis film we're talking about, too, featuring the brilliant Aussie actress as one half of a married couple who meets Phoenix's desert hermit living on a nuclear test site. Get to work, George! [THR]

· A crew suspected of 62 burglaries in Brooklyn and Queens have said they learned valuable trade secrets from tricks and practices demonstrated in The Town -- a continued favorite of reprobates everywhere. [NBC New York via THR]

· Yes, as a matter of fact, Steve Guttenberg is well aware of the revenue potential from franchise reboots and remains hopeful about his involvement with a Police Academy revival. More hopeful, anyway, than joining the hellish Short Circuit reboot in the works: "What happens in Hollywood sometimes is that you hear about a party, but the guy throwing it didn't call you. And you're like, 'That's my best friend; why didn't he call me?' And then what happens is that they call you the day before the party and say, 'We meant to invite you.' And you're like, 'Dude, really?'" Dude, indeed. Someone needs a new best friend. [LAT]

· "The director Bennett Miller is known for generating Oscar heat for his performers: Philip Seymour Hoffman won a best actor statuette for Capote, and Brad Pitt is attracting that kind of talk for Moneyball. Can the director make the same magic happen for (the to-date Oscar-free) Channing Tatum?" I sincerely love Channing Tatum and everything, but INSERT SPITTAKE HERE. Anyway, he may co-star in Foxcatcher with Steve Carell. [LAT]

· Need to get caught up on the original Johnny English before the Rowan Atkinson sequel Johnny English Reborn arrives this weekend? Try it on Facebook, I guess, where you can "rent it for 30 Facebook Credits for a 48-hour window. Users who rent can pass on a 10 Credit discount to friends." Who'll promptly unfriend you, but still. [THR]

· This terrifying Dr. Phil pumpkin is just the latest reason to hate Halloween. You are welcome. (I think?) [The Awl]