Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 10-Word Review Contest: We Have Our Winners!

Thanks again to all of the guest critics who turned out yesterday to review Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. We had some great 10-word write-ups that were sharp, insightful and humorous. Alas, we could only choose two winners. Click ahead to see who is getting a combo pack of the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean installment!

· Josh: "Evil mermaids with no shell-top bikini top = Hey now!"

· Stuart G: "Like dysentery: goes on too long and produces the squirts."

Congrats to the witty winners (Movieline will be in touch shortly), and thanks again to everyone who participated in this Pirates event. As always, please check back for more Movieline giveaways!


  • Pamela says:

    MAJOR disappointment. Although Cap'n Jack Sparrow and Barbosa were great, they couldn't carry the movie by themselves. Too many of the dynamic characters were missing and the choice of Penelope Cruz as the femme fatale was a disastrous decision; she lacks in every way and comparing her to Keira Knightley is like comparing a kitten phart to a hurricane. I have hope that there will be, at least, one more episode in which Rob Marshall realizes his 'error', loses Cruz (hopefully by killing her at the beginning of the next movie) and reunites the original cast. Once in a great while, there is perfect chemistry between actors, a terrific plot and incredible effects that enters your living room and takes you to where they are." Pirates..." did that for us until now.