Exclusive: Consider! Behind the Scenes with Melissa Leo on the Set of Red State

Kevin Smith was tickled when his Red State star Melissa Leo won the Oscar last year, as he tells it in Movieline's exclusive behind the scenes featurette from this week's DVD and Blu-ray release of the provocative horror film. In the clip, meet Leo's Sarah Cooper, the steely and devoted daughter of Red State's fire and brimstone villain Pastor Abin Cooper, as described in Leo's own words.

In the film, penned and directed by Smith, the religious zealots of the Five Points Church (led by Michael Parks as Abin Cooper) entrap a trio of horny teens, leading to a bloody standoff with the feds. Leo's gun-toting Sarah Cooper, a standout performance, had been touted early on by Smith as one of a handful of potentially awards worthy performances in the film.

"I'm hoping common sense saves us a bunch of money for costly trade ads," Smith told Movieline back in July. "When December 31st rolls around, if there aren't five better supporting actor performances than the dramatic clinic Michael Parks operates in Red State, he should get a nod, no? Same with John Goodman. Same with Melissa Leo. Same with anybody in our cast. Why NOT them?"