Fox Developing a Zombieland TV Series and 5 Other Stories You'll be Talking About Today


Zombies are primetime draws in 2011, dear friends, and that means Zombieland is coming back as a TV series. Hooray? Also in the Broadsheet: Shia LaBeouf gets into a street fight on camera (yikes!) and eyes a "giant" new film role (awww), the Octomom becomes an actress, and a Scrabble competitor plays dirty.

· It was only a couple weeks ago that Zombieland stars Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg signed to reunite in the magician heist film Now You See Me, but here comes even finer Zombieland news: Original scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are developing the feature as a half-hour comedy for Fox's 2012-13 season. The series would replace a big-screen followup. I can hear the promos now: "After an all-new Raising Hope, stay tuned for The Yukking Dead!" [MovieWeb]

· Shia LaBeouf got into a nasty fight in Vancouver last week, and TMZ obtained video footage of his violent loss. Sigh. This wouldn't happen to Michael J. Fox. [TMZ]

· In happier Shia news: He's eying the role of a 10-foot-tall love interest in the quirky love story A Giant. Was Gheorge Muresan not available? [MovieWeb]

· Happy Halloween! The Octomom is starring in a low-budget horror movie! There's video! Sometimes I obscure my shame with exclamation points! [TMZ]

· A professional Scrabble player demanded his opponent be strip-searched when a "G" tile went missing from the table. Where was this scene in Word Wars?! [Gawker]

· And finally, it's time to get your hands on KFC's Cheesy Bacon Bowl. The "bowl" is made out of gravy! Mmmm, death by delicious. And nuclear cholesterol. [Gawker]


  • KevyB says:

    Every time something like this happens to Shia I crack up. Years ago, before this Transformers garbage he said in an interview that he will never be the bad boy of Hollywood, that he doesn't party or do any bad things. A DUI, a couple arrests and a lot of bar fights later...