Anne Hathaway's Catwoman Has Michelle Pfeiffer's Meow of Approval

catwoman_hathaway300.jpgWe've seen the goggles, the cycle-straddling, and the cat ears, but do any of us have an expertly informed inkling as to how well Anne Hathaway will don Catwoman's iconic suit in The Dark Knight Rises? Sister site Hollywood Life went to the source to learn if Hathaway's got what it takes: Michelle Pfeiffer, who purred her way through 1992's Batman Returns as the dominatrix-like Selina Kyle.

"I think [Anne] is going to be amazing," Pfeiffer declared. "She has the darkness and the comedy -- she's got it all! She's going to be great."

There you have it, folks. In the meantime, revisit Movieline's look back at all the ladies who played Catwoman over the years and ponder where Hathaway will fit in...

[Hollywood Life]


  • SK says:

    She's going to ruin the movie. I say that but then I think "But it's Chris Nolan, he wouldn't let her ruin it, he kicked that shitty Katie Holmes out of it after he saw of how awful she was in the 1st one." But still, I worry....

  • The Pope says:

    I'm a believer, but I am concerned also. What concerns me is that Nolan has only ever once presented a rounded female character; Carrie-Anne Moss in Memento. All the others are barely more than cyphers. But then again, Catwoman... how many dimensions are there?

  • Noel Gibney says:

    I go 2 d movies twice a week. Would like Movieline alerts. Thanking you in advance.

  • Andrew says:

    Pfeiffer's not crazy, she's not going to slam her in public. But let's face it, Hathaway lacks sex appeal and mystery. And some faces weren't meant for masks, hers is one.
    Besides, Nolan writes weak female characters.

  • Cinesnatch says:

    SK > Did Nolan not also let Holmes in, in the first place?