Vague 11-11-11 Trailer Leaves You Wondering What the Hell 11-11-11 Is About

Darren Bousman (Repo! The Genetic Opera) has directed three Saw movies -- a fact which the trailer for next month's horror pic 11-11-11 makes a point to tell you. That pedigree, plus a handful of vaguely comprehensible images, shadowy scenes, a static shot of a statue, and (unintentionally) cheesy voice over tell you everything you need to know about the movie! Well, except for its plot. And who's in it. And why anyone should care. Watch the teaser and stick around for more Buzz Break.

The film's actual plot follows a man who, after the deaths of his wife and child, starts seeing the number 11 everywhere. It has a religious significance! Something's going down on November 11, 2011... which is, coincidentally, the day this film is released!

[Shock Til You Drop]

• The "R. Pattz for American Idiot" rumor resurfaced last week, thanks to... VH1's Pop Up Video? [MTV]

• Magnolia will release Sarah Polley's Take This Waltz, the domestic infidelity drama starring Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen, next summer. [Press release]

• SNL announced their upcoming line-up of guest hosts for November Jason Segel, Emma Stone, and (huzzah!) Charlie Day! [Collider]

Arnold Schwarzenegger's next movie, The Last Stand, begins filming today. Let me remind you of the plot: When a gang of runaway convicts head for Mexico, only LAPD VET-TURNED-AMERICAN BORDER SHERIFF ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER stands in their way. Good luck to all involved, including castmembers Forest Whitaker, Johnny Knoxville, Luis Guzman, Rodrigo Santoro, Jaime Alexander, Harry Dean Stanton, Peter Stormare, Eduardo Noriega, and that one kid from Friday Night Lights. [<a href="

" target="_blank">MovieWeb]