Trailer: Hostel 3 Really Does Look Like Torture

The Hostel films have never been especially distinguished paragons of the horror genre, just a bunch of stupid, sadistic bullshit for its own sake that plunged in box-office viability by more than 60 percent between its first and second installments. Still, that means it might be good for a few million bucks in the DVD market, so here's Hostel Part III -- straight to video, and straight to hell.

This time around (via The Playlist), we find our hapless victims in waiting at the card tables and strip joints of Vegas -- a far cry from the Eastern European deathtraps -- like, actual hostels -- of Eli Roth's earlier films. Basically, imagine if The Hangover had taken the torture-porn route. Actually, no. Imagine kicking the executives responsible for Hostel Part III in the nuts for the full runtime of this piece of shit. Actually, no. Just call in sick and go back to bed.

This cat knows exactly what I'm talking about:


  • NP says:

    If you can set aside the overwrought torture stuff, the first film--though a hot mess--has a great "gay panic" subtext.

  • The WInchester says:

    That kitten video is the best thing Eli Roth has ever direct... oh.

  • casting couch says:

    The Hostel movies are the sort you'd see in grimy well-worn VHS covers on the horror shelves of video rental stores back in the early 1980s.