Movieline's New Twitter Hero is... Ellen Barkin

barkintwitter250Thank your lucky stars for Twitter, because the 140-character fun machine just acquainted us with an unforeseen side of Ellen Barkin -- the trash-talkin', fast-tweetin', Bronx-lovin' "Twitta bitch." The 57-year-old Diner/Switch actress joined Twitter only a couple days ago, and she's already established herself as its new empress. If you thought Carrie Fisher was a dynamo on Twitter, you haven't seen anything yet. Dig these effin' amazing tweets.

First, here's Ellen getting comfortable with her new Twitter "frenz."

My frenz, is there a guide to this fuckin #FFB shit? Im tryin 2 read otha peeps tweets.."peeps tweets"..hilarious! Is that a fuckin option?
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Next, she legitimizes her amazing vernacular.

And yes, this old white broad can use the word "brutha" cuz she's from the muthafukkin' Bronx. Straight up project style.
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Were you going to question Ellen's sex life? For shame!

Some dickwad just asked me how many yrs its been since i got laid. Really, cocksucker? Y do u think i disappeared 4 an hr? i'm doin fine. U?
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In addition to her sex life, there's also no denying her Jewish pride.

Fuck yea...I am a Jew first...everything else swallows.
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Having a fabulous time yet? Ellen is!

For sum1 who managed 2 live thru the 60s 70s 80s 90s without gettin addicted to anything...this twitta shit is fuckin killin me. I am fucked
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Wait, wait: You don't think this is an impostor, do you? Naysayers be damned: @EllenBarkin is all real. (Her account is now verified.)

It really hurts my fuckin feelins that sum of my new frenz dont blieve Im me. Y the fuck not...2 ol, 2 dum, 2 str8? 2 real muthafuckas!!!
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And last, Ellen tells us we can expect more brilliance in the future. Love her.

someone just tweeted at me that i was an "endearing hot mess." Whoever the fuck you are... I'm 57 yrs old, it's only gonna get messier.
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Ahem: Fuckin' love her.

Ellen Barkin's Twitter [@EllenBarkin]