The Devil Inside Trailer: Just the Most Horrifying 911 Call Ever!

William Brent Bell's creepy thriller The Devil Inside doesn't come out until January, but it's new trailer should keep you interested and freaked out until then. There are no images in it, but the audio is jarring enough to put disturbing pictures in your head. At the very least, it will erase your "Devil Inside" associations with the oeuvre of INXS. Click through for darkest 911 call in some time.

The caller is "Maria Rossi," but I'm willing to bet that's shorthand for Mercedes McCambridge. It's pure Exorcist terror. In case that audio isn't enough stimuli for you, here's the new poster.


Looks like an average Teen Mom act of rebellion to me!

'Devil Inside' [MovieWeb]


  • The Pope says:

    Well, at least she has better teeth than Lindsay Lohan.

  • j'accuse! says:

    Louis...haven't even watched the trailer as I'm halfway through a bottle of champagne and I don't need to harsh my buzz. Be that as it may, I love your vids man. You're awesome. Post another soon, you win internet everytime one goes up. Also, go Tigers!