Week in Review: Stranger Than Fiction

Whew! It's been quite the eventful week here at Movieline, what with Netflix's Qwikster dying on the vine, indie theater owners giving Universal and VOD what for, and the crazy real life developments you couldn't have dreamed up. (Random Task, we're looking at you... in fear.) Hit your Friday Week in Review and come tomorrow for the weekend stylings of Louis Virtel.

The Avengers trailered all over 10 million of us.

• At NYFF: Curtis unveiled Marilyn, Scorsese debuted Hugo, and Cameron previewed Titanic 3D. (Never let go, Jim... never let go...)

Bond villains! '80s remakes! We had your coffee break reading material covered.

Qwikster died an ignoble death; Universal caved to the Tower Heist VOD pressure.

• Meanwhile: Random Task frightened us, that Crabbe kid proved Slytherin House is rotten, and Steven Seagal just... well, he blew our minds.

Happy LGBT History Month!

• And a hearty thanks to our Movieline Interviewees Joel Edgerton, Hayden Panettiere, Craig Brewer, Julia Roberts and Dennis Lee, Joel Schumacher, and Willem Dafoe.