The Coens Choose Oscar Isaac, and 5 Other Stories You'll Be Talking About Today

oscar_isaac300.jpgHappy Friday! Also in today's edition of The Broadsheet: What will they call the Zorro reboot?... John Singleton closes in on the Tupac biopic... The Whistleblower gets its UN close-up... You'll never guess what opened the Mumbai Film Festival... and more.

· Nicolas Cage... Gabriel Byrne... John Turturro... Jeff Bridges... George Clooney... Oscar Isaac? The actor last seen getting thoroughly bloodied and abused in Drive has now inherited the prestigious job of Coen Brothers' leading man. Isaac will take the lead in Inside Llewyn Davis, the directors' story of the '60s New York folk scene. Congrats to Mr. Isaac! Here's hoping it makes for a little longer Hollywood tail than, say, Michael Stuhlbarg's [Deadline]

· Someone's been going through Sony's domain registration habits again, discovering The Forging of Zorro, Zorro Begins, Zorro: The Legend Begins and Z: The Legend Begins as the likely finalists for the swashbuckling reboot. I'm still a fan of Zorro: Fuck Yeah!, but noooobody listens to me. [/film]

· Coming off his underperforming comedy Abduction, John Singleton is rumored to the new frontrunner for Antoine Fuqua's old gig directing a biopic about Tupac Shakur. [Deadline]

· Finally: That long-awaited UN screening of The Whistleblower -- the deeply underrated Rachel Weisz film about an American who uncovers UN complicity in human trafficking in the Balkans -- is happening today. [Deadline]

· And the opening night film of this year's Mumbai Film Festival is... Moneyball. Like, naturally. [THR]

· Don't have an NHL team? Join the club! But now, just in time for the new season, there's a solution for that... Go Oilers! Or something. [Grantland]


  • raul says:

    Re: Michael Stuhlbarg
    Pretty sure he was bound to have a character actor's career anyway, not unlike John Turturro's for that matter. But yeah besides his reputable stage career, he's got roles in Boardwalk Empire and Hugo. Which is not bad at all.