Trailer: Albert Nobbs Really, Really, Really, Really Wants Some Oscars

Albert Nobbs star Glenn Close took a bit of a tumble in this week's Oscar Index thanks in part to Michelle Williams's surge and ongoing speculation around both Meryl Streep's chances and Viola Davis's staying power. So what better time to introduce the Nobbs trailer, a tidy, heartstring-tugging bit of awards-season gloss for a role whose actress may yet again find herself on the outside looking in?

Er, make that "five-time Academy Award-nominated actress," as the trailer reminds us. Still, there's not a ton here that really calls out "must-see" (though Mia Wasikowska is beginning to make pretty much everything she's a must-see by default), and I can definitely detect the overbearing suffering brought to the title character for its own act-y sake. "Close too often comes off as a wan Valentine," Stephanie Zacherek wrote after seeing Nobbs at the Toronto International Film Festival. "With her seemingly lashless eyelids and narrow smile, she looks ready to blow off the face of the earth in a heartbeat. Albert's silent agony comes to seem masochistic early in the film, perhaps because Close spends far too much time gazing into some imaginary distance, fingering her inner pain until it's worn thin."

Pretty much. But again: Wasikowska! Someone give her a franchise or something already.