My Week With Marilyn Pushed to Thanksgiving

There's good news and bad news about My Week With Marilyn. The good news -- at least for its devotees -- is that Harvey Weinstein is regrouping after last weekend's super-successful NYFF premiere, readying the film for a serious awards push. The bad news -- at least for viewers anticipating its top-flight Michelle Williams performance -- is that Marilyn's Nov. 4 release date has been nudged back to Nov. 23. We have yet to discover what this means for The Artist, another movie about vintage Hollywood that Weinsteins have slated for the same day (not to mention their Piranha 3DD), but this may prove to be a pretty important development in the awards race. Stay tuned... [Deadline]


  • The WInchester says:

    It means the asshats over there moved Piranha 3DD, arguably the greatest picture of the year (sight unseen, but that's par for the course with that Oscar race, right?), to an undetermined date.
    It also means that my birthday movie will have to be the Muppets now. Thanks a lot, Weinstein jerks.