6 Iconic James Bond Villains That Javier Bardem Should Channel For Bond 23

After nine months of rumors, Javier Bardem has finally confirmed that he will assume the enviable role of villain in the next James Bond movie, Bond 23. So just which Bond baddie should the Academy Award winner channel when plotting against Daniel Craig's "007?" Movieline suggests a half dozen iconic Bond evil doers below.

Dr. No

Bond Films: Dr. No (1962)

Portrayed By: Joseph Wiseman

What better Bond villain to begin with than the very first to be portrayed onscreen: Dr. Julius No. This titular antagonist appeared stiff and emotionless onscreen -- qualities that could be attributed to his troubled childhood (unwanted child of a German missionary), his rejection from American and Soviet intelligence agencies or the fact that this mad scientist lost both of his hands in radiation experiments. By the start of the film, his hands have been replaced by metal ones making this villain partially bionic and ultimately, not manually dexterous enough to escape pools of boiling coolant.

Red Grant

Bond Films: From Russia With Love (1963)

Portrayed By: Robert Shaw

Or maybe Bardem would like to forgo the "mad scientist" routine in favor of playing a "psychopathic killer" like Russian henchman Red Grant, who was dispatched to kill Bond as revenge for knocking off Dr. No. Fit enough to take a brass knuckled punch from his superior Rosa Klebb, this homicidal paranoiac is a slick silent killer who favors a garotte wire (hidden in his watch) over firepower. Grant proved to be one of Bond's most formidable opponents in their classic train fight scene.

Auric Goldfinger

Bond Films: Goldfinger (1964)

Portrayed By: Gert Fröbe

And then there's the more intriguing, animated type of villain such as Auric Goldfinger, the Bond baddie with the Midas touch. Remembered as the most sinister antagonist to challenge 007, this portly, megalomaniac gold smuggler provided so much more than the previous, one-dimensional villains including memorable quips ("No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die."), deliciously evil mannerisms and a fascination with historical Nazi gold bars. Played by the non-English speaking actor Gert Fröbe, all of Goldfinger's lines were dubbed in by Michael Collins.

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