Twit Wit: The 5 Best Tweets About Real Steel and Ides of March


You might've realized it by now, but Real Steel is a ridiculous premise for a movie. So ridiculous it worked, in fact. Twitter blew up this weekend with comments about Hugh Jackman's and the sweet science of robo-jousting, and Ryan Gosling's effectiveness in The Ides of March. We tally the best five tweets after the jump.

5. Ryan Seacrest has a very strong, near-flirtatious plug for his friend Hugh's new movie. I'm sure Mr. Jackman appreciates the endorsement from an actual robot.

Go see my buddy @RealHughJackman and his boxing robots in real steel tonight! Just a note, the robots are the smaller, less muscular ones 😉
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4. Office star Mindy Kaling ignored the towering presence of Real Steel, saw The Ides of March, and turned into a movie critic afterward.

Seriously, I saw and loved Ides of March. It was "taut"! (to use a word that reviewers use sometimes that ordinarily makes me feel weird).
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3. Last week's Twit Wit champion Ken Jennings clocks in at #3 today, this time rhapsodizing the pugilistic strengths of Mr. Hugh Jackman.

My favorite boxer is Joe Louis, unless you count robot boxers trained by Hugh Jackman, in which case I think I have a new answer!
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2. Conan O'Brien is also a real human being and a real hero -- which is downright suspicious, he suggests.

Have you ever noticed that you never see me and Ryan Gosling in the same room at the same time? #gullibleladiespleaseread
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1. Modern Family writer/producer Danny Zuker rips apart Real Steel in one incisive tweet. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks on robotically.

I love stories about fighting robots, Just wish they'd make one that isn't as intellectually challenging as Transformers. What's that?
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  • joe says:

    Watched the Ides this weekend and was pretty excited. If you want to see a well acted drama about the dem. nomination process with shady back deals, questionable morals and the idealistic young campaign worker... rent Primary Colors. I don't want to spoil it, but they are pretty much the same exact movie and between Clooney and Travolta, give me John as slick willey any day.

  • Cash says:

    Um. None of those are funny, Lou. Least of all Zucker's.

  • j'accuse! says:

    Near-flirtatious? More like very flirtatious. This is why, among some of my old friends, any compliment that verges into earnest flirtatiousness is called "pulling a Seacrest." Especially if it ends with hands on the ass, which happens a lot more than you might imagine.